Brief Bank History

Chakkittapara Service Cooperative Bank remains a unique example for a village level cooperative through dedicated service and committed vision becoming the back bone grass root level financial emancipation and social upliftment.

It had a very humble origin on 5th June 1958 as a village level social movement named ‘Pulari Gramdan Society’ closely following the alternate development pattern put forward by Acharya Sri Vinobaji through the Bhudan movement. This maiden attempt in the high ranges of Calicut took the name ‘Gramdan’ as an exalted step of ‘Bhudan’ which meant ‘voluntary donation of land’. A great visionary Mr. Thomas Manikompel who donated 75 cents of land as part of the Bhudan movement, where the society took its birth, became its first president.

The initial activity of the society also has great resonance of the Gandhian pattern of life-spinning cotton yarn in the traditional spinning wheel locally called ‘charka’. Subsequently the society spread its activity into community processing of latex because rubber, by then became, the main agricultural crop of the area.

As our bank figured out more than 10000 permanent  'A' class clients and in that 6000 members participate for all kind of general body meeting and participate for all kind of affairs with the Chakkittapara Service Co-operative bank.

The GDCS commission for all depositors in the scheme will be given on the basis of stipulations they followed for the particular period of time. Even though,  GDCS scheme allows the users for availing short terms deposit of lower money to higher money will be updated directly to their bank account or even as per the policy updated by the Chakkittapara Service Co Operative Bank with the user.

By turn of 1970s the social service society became a primary credit cooperative society and subsequently by 1975 a cooperative bank.

The milestones in the growth of the cooperative bank include

1978: Beginning of banking operations

1996: Starting ‘Sevana kendram’ as part of the bank

2004: Elevation into class 1 special grade status

2013: Construction of the elegant building for the bank

2013: Beginning of the diversified activity ‘Green Holidays Kerala’

2014: Beginning of the Farmer Service Centre

2016: Submitting application for becoming a super grade bank

17/08/2016: The proud moment of Chakkittapara Service Co Operative Bank upgraded as the super grade bank facilitating all kind of services and offers what super grade bank does with the clients.