As the online transaction facilitated in all field and in order to make the business and other facilities via Chakkittapara Service Co-operative bank quicker, we upgraded with NEFT Facility.

IFSC is an alphanumeric 11-digit code that capacities as a one of a kind location for a specific branch. Clients will likewise need to include the recipient account number and name just as the name of the bank being exchanged to.

Benefits of NEFT:

  • Ease of payments > No holding up in long queues Faster processing.

  • Transaction settled in each batch makes Convenient.

  • Transfer of funds anywhere like from your home or office can be done easier.

NEFT transaction limits

  • Online NEFT Transfer - the limited amount of money that can be exchanged per person every day is Rs. 25 Lakh

  • NEFT Transfer via branches - No limit