Green Holidays Tourism

Green Holidays Kerala is the tourism division of Chakkittapara Service Cooperative Bank. It is funded by the National Cooperative Development Board. It has two subdivisions as following:

Western Ghats Welcomes

Western Ghats is a green textbook with vibrant forms of life, both flora and fauna, offering numerous lessons in developing an intimate and compassionate understanding of the world around us. A structured visit to this verdant world makes the young generation grow beyond normal curricular bounds. What is learnt in the class rooms is complemented by the first hand information about nature and its amazing life forms.

Design Your Future

As times change the world demands professionals with very specific learning and training which a normal curricular path cannot guarantee. Kerala, the state with prodigious accomplishments in professional learning and technological mastery, has a lot to offer in this changing ambiance. World class educational institutions and future - oriented academic programs make higher education charming and challenging here.